Katherine Nobles

Meet Katherine


Hi, I’m Katherine.

I help emerging leaders courageously step into their potential.

As an established career and leadership coach, consultant, and facilitator, I work with driven individuals who want to cultivate their careers and organizations who want to empower these emerging leaders. I’m known for helping you or your employees move from ideas to action, tap into your own wisdom, and learn how to thrive with the aid of my high-quality resources, tools, and insight. I serve clients nationwide, offering private coaching as well as career and leadership development workshops and programs for organizations.

With over a decade of experience in the field, I’ve coached thousands of people across different backgrounds, industries, and locations – from here in North Carolina, to Stanford University and the startup world of Silicon Valley. I’ve created a variety of experiential learning and professional development opportunities – everything from webinars to group coaching programs to workshops, and more. View my LinkedIn profile for more details about my prior experience.

Throughout everything, I’ve learned that there’s momentum to be gained when you have the right partner by your side. You can finally make things happen when you have an experienced advocate to help you find the best, most authentic ways to cultivate your career and empower your leaders. So if you’re ready to explore possibility in your role or organization, I’d love to help you step into that potential.


Expertise Highlights


  • Featured expert on The Muse and Career Contessa

  • 10+ years in career and leadership development, including serving as career coach and lecturer at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and Stanford University

  • Developed and facilitated a world-class leadership development curriculum as Senior Manager of Growth & Development at Silicon Valley start-up

  • Presented to thousands on career and leadership development topics across 200+ engagements

  • Provided coaching to 100+ private clients and 3,000+ students

Coaching Certifications:

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Co-Active Training Institute (known as world leader in coaching & leadership training) - November 2019

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation - March 2016

  • Business & Professional Coach Certification, NC State University - September 2015


  • Master of Education in Educational Policy, Planning & Leadership, William & Mary

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Virginia Tech

Organizations I’ve worked with:

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My Why

When you are finally able to bring your whole self to work…when you can make the most of who you are both personally and professionally…that’s when you can find the space and support to grow beyond your comfort zone. That’s when you can lead not only yourself, but others, with the confidence it takes to get to new levels and make an impact.

These are a few of the lessons I’ve learned from my career as well as the work I do with clients. I’ve seen firsthand the power of stepping outside of your comfort zone, discovering the courage to make a shift. Over the years, I’ve watched clients land that new job, take a sabbatical, start a side business, finish a PhD, become a new manager, and more. 

Each of these were courageous moves, yes. But not because they were heroic or brave deeds, the way our society typically thinks of what it means to be courageous. They were courageous because each client was true to themselves – honoring their values and big dreams rather than what others or their own inner critic said they “should” do. 

It’s often the scariest work we’ll do. It requires vulnerability to be honest with ourselves and others. And it requires a whole lot of inner strength and commitment – to ourselves, to our values, to our potential.

I know this to be true not only for my clients, but from my own experience as well. Early in my career, I struggled to find my footing. And once I did, I often felt like an imposter. I spent a lot of time hustling and trying to perfect, afraid of failing or what others might think. This meant a lot of lost time playing small, missing out on opportunities or holding back out of fear.

In time, with support from my own coach and further education at the Co-Active Training Institute, I discovered how to align my work to my values. I grasped how to work from a place of ease and flow rather than hustle and hardship. I learned how to wrangle my inner critic and lead from my strengths. And perhaps most importantly, I understood what it meant to bring my whole, authentic self to my work and leadership. In doing so, I became more comfortable stepping up to manage projects, initiate ideas, take risks, and make bold moves. In other words, like so many of my clients, finding the courage to be me has enabled me to work smarter, lead authentically, and make an impact.

From my own experience along with my time as a coach, I’ve seen firsthand what it takes to make that important transition of surviving to thriving. I understand the challenges that come with working to realize your own strengths, big dreams, and goals. And when you know what you want in your career or what you want for your employees, it often takes help. It can take an experienced advocate to help you make these things a reality. Because there’s power and courage to be gained from having someone in your corner – a seasoned guide who can help you discover how to bring your authentic self to work and get out of your own way. 

And that’s exactly the work I love to do. So I know that your potential is there – waiting to be realized – right where you are. It’s time to step into it. If you’re looking to make the most of your career or maximize the potential of emerging leaders in your organization, let’s discover what’s possible together.



Let’s work together.