What's Important to You and Why? How Answering This One Question Can Lead You to Career Clarity.

You read a lot from me about the importance of values in our work because I believe that you should have a career that aligns with your values. Some may argue against this. Sometimes you just need a J-O-B, I get it. But wouldn’t life be so much better if you spent your days working in an environment or toward a cause that you believed in? 

Values are what we believe to be important in the way we live and work.

Values are guiding principles that help us set goals and priorities in our lives. They are core to who we are. Values are personal, as they reflect what we believe and are deeply influenced by our experiences and relationships.  

Note that values may change over time, particularly in response to life circumstances.

For example, a young professional may highly value career growth while a more experienced, senior-level professional may highly value work-life balance.  

Having a career that is in line with our values helps us to feel more fulfilled and motivated by our work.

When we work in an environment or a role that is misaligned with our values, we may feel stressed, unfulfilled, or burdened by our work.

Understanding our values makes it easier to establish our career goals, define our personal brand, and make career choices. 

Curious about how to define and integrate your values into your career? Download my Career Clarity Workbook and complete the Values exercise. Then spend some time journaling the answers to these questions:

  • How do your values drive who you are and how you show up in your career?
  • How do your values impact your desired future work environment?
  • What type of role would best reflect your values?
  • What are 1-2 steps you could take to move toward your values-aligned work environment and/or role?

What are your top values and how does your career align? If you’re realizing that the career you’re in now isn’t supporting the values you hold, consider reaching out through an intro call to talk more about 1:1 career coaching with me.