Podcasts that I'm Listening to Right Now

Lately I’ve been enjoying taking a lunch-time walk with my ear buds in, soaking in some great podcasts. Most are focused on personal and professional growth or development of some kind, opening up dialogues with interesting guests about learning, decision-making, taking risks, and achieving goals. Here’s a round up of my current favorites:

Hidden Brain

Social scientist and NPR correspondent Shankar Vedantam explores the influence of the unconscious mind on human behavior in each episode of this podcast. Vedantam incorporates storytelling along with social science research results, keeping your attention as he dives into specific topics such as stereotype threat, boredom, and forgiveness. You’ll begin to understand patterns in the world, as well as in your own mind. The beauty of this podcast is that once you shed light on these once unconscious thoughts or behavior patterns, you can become aware and change your behavior if you so desire.

The Lively Show

The Lively Show is a weekly podcast meant to “uplift, inspire & add a little extra intention to your everyday.” Jess Lively, the host, welcomes guests to share their story and perspective on various topics including careers, habits, business/finance, and relationships. Each time I listen I walk away with a new nugget of insight about my own personal growth. A huge message I’ve gotten from The Lively Show is about the importance of living from “values-based intentions” and listening to our intention instead of our ego.

Heroine: Women’s Creative Leadership Confidence, Wisdom

I have no idea how I stumbled upon this wonderful podcast, but Maria Molfino’s message totally resonates with me. A women’s leadership coach, Molfino provides mini episodes that cover common blocks to creativity and confidence among women. She also interviews incredible women who have embraced the unknown to get to the extraordinary places they are now, inspiring listeners to do the same. My guess is that after listening, you’ll feel more comfortable taking risks and listening to your own inner wisdom.


This podcast is hosted by Author/Speaker Jenny Blake who I’ve been following since the release of her book, Life After College. In her podcast, Jenny interviews experts who share tips to help us become more agile in our “rapidly evolving economy.” Jenny covers topics such as productivity, meditation, and strategizing our work.

The Big Leap Show

I discovered this podcast after participating in The Catalyst Collective through a favorite SF-based women’s group of mine, Women Catalysts. Kathlyn Hart, host of the Big Leap Show, did a bonus call for The Catalyst Collective, so I of course had to check out her podcast. On The Big Leap Show, Kathlyn interviews all kinds of awesome female entrepreneurs to get their behind-the-scenes story. She covers the triumph and the trials through honest conversations about how these women took “the big leap” to start their own businesses.


Let me know if you take a listen to any of these podcasts! And also share with me: what podcasts have you found helpful, inspiring, or intriguing lately?