7 Podcasts that will Inspire You in Your Career

I’ve shared a few of my favorite podcasts here on the blog in the past, and the list keeps on coming. Here’s a round up of my current favorites specifically meant to inspire you in your career and professional development:

Slack’s Work in Progress: Work in Progress is Slack’s podcast about the meaning and identity we find in work. Host Dan Misener shares how different people came to find their work and the success, failure, and luck that helped them reach their goals. Some of my favorite stories? The woman who combined her love of space and sewing to become a seamstress for NASA (episode 2). The anxious retiree turned gregarious intern who finds meaning after feeling a part of something again–yes, like the movie “The Intern” (episode 31).

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations: The legendary Oprah Winfrey interviews powerful thought leaders and celebrities on her show SuperSoul Sunday and has now turned it into a podcast for listeners to enjoy on the go.

Happen to Your Career: Scott Barlow, host of the podcast, is a former HR leader and business coach. Today he runs Happen to Your Career, an organization dedicated to helping individuals find work that fits them. On the podcast, Scott provides inspiration, tools, and roadmaps to help you get to work that matters to you.

FRICTION: Stanford Management Science & Engineering Professor Bob Sutton delivers a funny and realistic look at friction within the workplace. Sutton and his guests recall experiences with frustrating colleagues, big-time bureaucracy, and other organizational behavior horror stories all in an effort to stop the madness and improve how we work.

The Adult Chair: Therapist Michelle Chalfant provides a holistic approach to personal transformation through her podcast, The Adult Chair. She lays the groundwork by establishing a structure for how to better understand our relationship with ourselves in the first few episodes. Using this perspective of “the chairs” Michele then leads conversations around topics like stress, physical health, emotional intelligence, and how our understanding of ourselves impacts the relationships in our own lives. Some of my favorite episodes? Boundaries vs. Confrontation (episode 26) and Fighting Fables: Facing Our Stories & Assumptions (episode 7).

The Marie Forleo Podcast: If you’re looking for a quick burst of inspiration, look no further than the podcast version of the award-winning YouTube series MarieTV. Marie delivers bite-size tips like how to get things done, make better decisions, and achieve your goals. She also interviews successful business leaders who share their best practices for “creating a business and life you love.”

The Broad Experience: This is a podcast dedicated to having real conversations about women and the workplace. Each episode, hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte, is only 20-40 minutes but covers big topics like burnout, delegation, confidence, and sexual harassment. Some of my favorite episodes? Female in Silicon Valley (episode 17) and Leaning Back (episode 98).


Let me know if you take a listen to any of these podcasts! And also share with me: what podcasts have you found helpful, inspiring, or intriguing lately?