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How to Find the Perfect Professional Mentor

Looking for a career mentor? Ask yourself these five questions first.

You hear a lot about the importance of finding a mentor to help you develop professionally and advance in your career, but finding a mentor and figuring out how to keep the relationship going is a whole different ballgame. While it’s best to seek a mentor from your current network of connections rather than asking someone you don’t already know, determining who that should be requires some thought.

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Fact or Fiction? How to Discern Legit Career Concerns from Your Inner Critic

We all have it – that nagging voice of self-doubt that speaks up when we try to make bold moves. It might say things to us like…

  • “You’re going to make a fool of yourself.”
  • “You’re not qualified enough to do that.”
  • “Why bother applying? There are so many other stronger candidates.”

It can be difficult to recognize when this voice of self-doubt, which I refer to as the inner critic, is speaking up or when we are being realistic in our thinking. In order to so, first it’s helpful to understand the motivation of our inner critic.

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Growth or Fixed: What's Your Mindset? (And Why It Matters)

Consider the following scenarios:

  • When you fail at something, do you find yourself saying, “I’m no good at that” or “This is a learning opportunity”?
  • When you see someone else succeed, do you find yourself feeling threatened, or inspired?
  • When you have to put in a lot of hard work to accomplish something, do you think of it as a waste of time and effort, or a path toward mastery?

The way you approach these situations can give you an insight into two different mindsets: fixed and growth.

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How to Ace Your Annual Review

Though they’re considered a routine task by most employees and managers, annual reviews can often be viewed with anxiety. As a new professional, I remember feeling nervous at my first couple of annual reviews. I wondered, should I give myself the best rating so that my supervisor will think highly of my work? Or should I rate myself lower so as not to appear arrogant?  

Although I felt confident in my work and the things I had accomplished during the year, I was also confused by the review process. I came to learn that my biggest mistake was not taking time to reflect on the positive or prepare questions to ask my supervisor. Now, having given an annual review as a manager, I see the value and purpose in these tasks.

By taking the following steps to truly evaluate your own strengths, weaknesses, and a vision for your future, you can ensure that you’re going into the process as your most confident and authentic self.  

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How to Tackle the First 3 Months of Your Brand New Job

Starting a new job can be tough—you’re still figuring out not only your responsibilities, but also how to navigate office politics and best communicate with your colleagues. According to the Future Workplace “Multiple Generations @ Work” survey, 91 percent of millennials plan to stay in a job for less than three years. Tally that up and you could potentially hold 15 to 20 different positions over the course of your working adult life. Changing jobs and transitioning to new working environments will most likely be in your future, so read on for tips to help you stay on track during this process.

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The Key Skill You'll Need Time and Time Again to Achieve Career Success

Making a career transition, applying for a new job, attending a networking event, interviewing, speaking up in meetings, asking for a raise…all these various tasks (and many others) involved in progressing your career forward require you to be vulnerable. And when we’re vulnerable, we open ourselves up to failure. The fear of failure alone makes many of us avoid dreaming big, taking action, or making a change at all. How do we face the fear, take a risk, and get back up when things don’t work out the way we hoped?

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