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The Missing Link to Making Better Career Decisions

Listening to our inner wisdom is a great way to help cut through the noise and confusion we often experience because we’re so used to making decisions from a solely logical or rational place.  It can provide us with another perspective and greater insight to consider before moving forward. Because so many of us are used to making decisions from our rational or logical point of view, we often don’t know what it means to listen to this inner wisdom. How do we know when it’s trying to tell us something? Read on for three simple techniques to tap into your inner wisdom.

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How to Find the Perfect Professional Mentor

Looking for a career mentor? Ask yourself these five questions first.

You hear a lot about the importance of finding a mentor to help you develop professionally and advance in your career, but finding a mentor and figuring out how to keep the relationship going is a whole different ballgame. While it’s best to seek a mentor from your current network of connections rather than asking someone you don’t already know, determining who that should be requires some thought.

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Stop Doing What You Think You Should Do & Start Doing What Inspires You

Feeling at a loss for what to do next in your career? One of the best ways to know what your next career move should be is to start taking what I like to call “inspired action.”

When you take inspired action, things suddenly start to flow. You feel a sense of energy, enthusiasm, or joy. This is different from forced action, which comes from feeling that you should take action. It feels forced, with a lot of effort and little motivation or enthusiasm.

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Fact or Fiction? How to Discern Legit Career Concerns from Your Inner Critic

We all have it – that nagging voice of self-doubt that speaks up when we try to make bold moves. It might say things to us like…

  • “You’re going to make a fool of yourself.”
  • “You’re not qualified enough to do that.”
  • “Why bother applying? There are so many other stronger candidates.”

It can be difficult to recognize when this voice of self-doubt, which I refer to as the inner critic, is speaking up or when we are being realistic in our thinking. In order to so, first it’s helpful to understand the motivation of our inner critic.

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Growth or Fixed: What's Your Mindset? (And Why It Matters)

Consider the following scenarios:

  • When you fail at something, do you find yourself saying, “I’m no good at that” or “This is a learning opportunity”?
  • When you see someone else succeed, do you find yourself feeling threatened, or inspired?
  • When you have to put in a lot of hard work to accomplish something, do you think of it as a waste of time and effort, or a path toward mastery?

The way you approach these situations can give you an insight into two different mindsets: fixed and growth.

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Considering a Career Change? Don't Believe Everything You Think

Making a career transition requires us to get out of our comfort zones and into action.  It’s not easy. Anytime we break away from our norm and aim to make a change, our inner critic often speaks up loud and clear. If you’re attempting any kind of career shift, chances are that you will at some point face a few limiting beliefs like the ones I’ve outlined here.

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What's Important to You and Why? How Answering This One Question Can Lead You to Career Clarity.

You read a lot from me about the importance of values in our work because I believe that you should have a career that aligns with your values. Some may argue against this. Sometimes you just need a J-O-B, I get it. But wouldn’t life be so much better if you spent your days working in an environment or toward a cause that you believed in? 

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Podcasts that I'm Listening to Right Now

Lately I’ve been enjoying taking a lunch-time walk with my ear buds in, soaking in some great podcasts. Most are focused on personal and professional growth or development of some kind, opening up dialogues with interesting guests about learning, decision-making, taking risks, and achieving goals. Here’s a round up of my current favorites.

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