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5 Mistakes You’re Making on Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but use it ineffectively and it’s just one more social media distraction that we have to keep up with.  If you create an all-star profile on LinkedIn, it will appear at the top of your Google results.  Why is this important? 

Most employers today are looking online to find out more about you.  In fact many employers are using LinkedIn to source new talent to recruit.  No longer is your story told solely through your resume and cover letter.  It’s told online.  And LinkedIn is the number one place to tell that story, and tell it loud.  I get asked a lot of questions about LinkedIn profiles and I’ve realized there are a few common mistakes people make when it comes to their profile.

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How to Add Cold Contacts on LinkedIn

Your career is about who you know, sure. But it's also about who you can get to know. That's where LinkedIn comes in. With over 400 million users, there's no question LinkedIn reigns supreme as everyone's go-to professional network. From your former roommate to the stranger with your dream job, every savvy woman (and man) seems to have an active account where they regularly post references, professional recommendations, and recommended reads.

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How to Take Your LinkedIn Page from Basic Profile to Professional Portfolio

Creating a professional online presence is no longer simply a “bonus” to making a great first impression on the job search – it’s an expectation.  One powerful way to do this is by setting up a professional online portfolio.  Although there are tons of great tools out there to help you get started, in my opinion, the quickest and most visible method to create a portfolio is simply by updating your LinkedIn profile.

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