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How to Nail Your Next Phone Interview

Interviewing in-person is tough enough, but add to it the mysterious methods of interviewing over the phone, and it suddenly seems 3x more challenging. By implementing some quick and easy techniques, you can go from dreading the phone interview to making it a simple stepping stone in the hiring process. Here are 5 tips to help you nail your next phone interview so that you can then impress the employer face-to-face.

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How to Ask for References in Your Job Search

Hearing a first-hand account of what you’re like to work with is one of the best ways employers get a sense of who you are and if they’d like to extend a job offer. To get these first-hand accounts, employers will often ask for a list of references that they can call. For some, this means requiring a list of references be provided up front when you submit your resume and cover letter. For others, they may ask for the list of references after you have successfully completed a first or second round interview.  Whenever you may be asked to provide references, you want to be prepared.  Read on for tips to best do so.

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Planning for the Unexpected in Your Career

I’m a planner, which means that I like knowing what’s coming next and anticipating changes in my future. I’m so much of a planner that you’d be surprised how long it took me to come to terms with the fact that things just don’t always go as planned. 

For example, if you had told my 23-year-old self that one day I’d go to graduate school or move across the country, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. These things weren’t in my “plans.” My guess is that you’ve experienced a shift in your plans a time or two as well.

We can plan all we want, but when things don’t go as we originally expected, it’s often due to a chance meeting or opportunity. When it comes to career development, we sometimes forget what a large role chance plays. 

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How to Add Cold Contacts on LinkedIn

Your career is about who you know, sure. But it's also about who you can get to know. That's where LinkedIn comes in. With over 400 million users, there's no question LinkedIn reigns supreme as everyone's go-to professional network. From your former roommate to the stranger with your dream job, every savvy woman (and man) seems to have an active account where they regularly post references, professional recommendations, and recommended reads.

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5 More Productive Questions to Ask Yourself Than "How Do I Find My Passion?"

As a career coach, I frequently get asked the question, “How do I find my passion?” While I fully support the aspiration to find meaningful work, I don’t prescribe to the idea that we must ask this question to get there. When we focus simply on finding our passion, we limit ourselves so that we can no longer think comprehensively about the world of work and career possibilities that may fulfill us.  Instead, we often become stuck, searching for our one and only career soul mate.

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How to Take Your LinkedIn Page from Basic Profile to Professional Portfolio

Creating a professional online presence is no longer simply a “bonus” to making a great first impression on the job search – it’s an expectation.  One powerful way to do this is by setting up a professional online portfolio.  Although there are tons of great tools out there to help you get started, in my opinion, the quickest and most visible method to create a portfolio is simply by updating your LinkedIn profile.

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3 Meaningful Ways to Fill Your Time Between Undergrad and Grad School

You’ve decided you want to go to graduate school, but need a break before doing so.  The gap year(s) between undergrad and grad school can be beneficial in a lot of ways.  They can help you save money, gain work experience, build skills, and give you time and space to help you determine what you really want to study.  In fact, many graduate school programs (particularly business and law) more frequently accept candidates who have taken a few years to do these aforementioned tasks.  If you’re questioning how to use the time wisely, read on for suggestions.

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How to Target Your Resume for a Specific Position

I’ve heard varying stats about how long an employer will initially glance at your resume before sorting it into a “yes” or “no” pile for further evaluation.  It seems as though anything from 7-30 seconds is the norm.  The important fact isn’t so much the number of seconds, but the fact that your resume can make or break a first impression.  For this reason, it’s imperative to tailor your resume.  How?

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5 Common Career Fair Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Attending your first career fair can be intimidating as you ponder the unknown of what to wear, what to say and who to talk to. Career fairs are a great way to make a positive first impression with an employer, learn more about specific opportunities and explore new career options.

Prepare for the event by learning how to avoid these all-too-common mistakes.

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