How to Ace Your Annual Review

Though they’re considered a routine task by most employees and managers, annual reviews can often be viewed with anxiety. As a new professional, I remember feeling nervous at my first couple of annual reviews. I wondered, should I give myself the best rating so that my supervisor will think highly of my work? Or should I rate myself lower so as not to appear arrogant?  

Although I felt confident in my work and the things I had accomplished during the year, I was also confused by the review process. I came to learn that my biggest mistake was not taking time to reflect on the positive or prepare questions to ask my supervisor. Now, having given an annual review as a manager, I see the value and purpose in these tasks.

By taking the following steps to truly evaluate your own strengths, weaknesses, and a vision for your future, you can ensure that you’re going into the process as your most confident and authentic self.  

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Not Sure What Career Move to Make Next? Here’s the Best Method To Find Out

It’s often fairly easy to identify the things that we don’t want in our next job. But knowing what you don’t want is only a glimpse of the whole picture.

What’s more challenging is figuring out what we do want – the role, responsibilities, culture, work environment, etc. And when we have a lot of options in front of us, this can be overwhelming.

How can we know if we’ll enjoy something or not, without being able to predict the future? We have to start prototyping

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How to Tackle the First 3 Months of Your Brand New Job

Starting a new job can be tough—you’re still figuring out not only your responsibilities, but also how to navigate office politics and best communicate with your colleagues. According to the Future Workplace “Multiple Generations @ Work” survey, 91 percent of millennials plan to stay in a job for less than three years. Tally that up and you could potentially hold 15 to 20 different positions over the course of your working adult life. Changing jobs and transitioning to new working environments will most likely be in your future, so read on for tips to help you stay on track during this process.

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The Best Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview

Chances are if you’ve been thinking about a career change of some kind, you’ve probably read about the importance of reaching out to contacts for informational interviews. I frequently hear from clients that they dread asking for informational interviews because they feel selfish “asking for a job.” An important thing to keep in mind when conducting informational interviews is that you are not asking for a job, you’re simply asking for information. So what types of questions should you ask?

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Considering a Career Change? Don't Believe Everything You Think

Making a career transition requires us to get out of our comfort zones and into action.  It’s not easy. Anytime we break away from our norm and aim to make a change, our inner critic often speaks up loud and clear. If you’re attempting any kind of career shift, chances are that you will at some point face a few limiting beliefs like the ones I’ve outlined here.

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Stop Wasting Your Time: How to Actually Spend Your Time When Job Searching

Recently I wrote about how to stay motivated when the job search gets tough, where I outlined how to set a schedule and break up your time while job searching. What I didn’t cover was how you should actually be spending the time that you do have dedicated to job search tasks. I find that a lot of people struggle with this and end up confused as to why all their hard work and time has not provided the return on investment they were hoping for.

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