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Empower your emerging leaders.

YOU’VE WORKED HARD TO BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAM. NOW it’s time to help them thrive as individuals so that your organization can do the same. how? by investing in the growth & development of your high potential, emerging leaders who are stepping up to manage projects and teams — often for the first time.

Doing so means empowering your emerging leaders to do brave work: to have difficult conversations, to give and receive feedback, to lead authentically — especially when things are uncertain or risky. Cultivate a courageous culture like that, and you’ll find not only higher employee engagement, but also happier clients, partners, and investors.

In other words, investing in your people pays off.

I can help you:

  • Attract top talent by offering unique leadership development opportunities and coaching for employees. A recent study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers found that when asked what influences a decision to accept a job, 65% of working millennials prioritized opportunities for professional development.

  • Retain your emerging leaders by supporting your team’s innate desire to learn and grow. Gallup recently found that “opportunities to learn and grow” is one of the top three factors in retaining emerging leaders.

  • Counterbalance managers who don’t have the time or know-how to provide enough coaching to their direct reports. According to a study from Deloitte, 71% of millennials expecting to leave their employer in the next two years are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed.

If you’re looking to maximize the potential of emerging leaders in your organization, let’s discover what’s possible together. To inquire about working together, please set up an introductory call with me to talk about your organization’s needs.

I’m here to help by providing:

content and curriculum development

Content & Curriculum Development

Growing organizations like yours have a number of emerging leaders on the team who are eager to advance as your organization does…but you simply don’t have enough time or know-how to develop the resources and training necessary to make it happen. I provide high-quality leadership development resources, tools, and program plans to empower your emerging leaders.

With experience developing new courses at Stanford University and leadership development programs in the startup world of Silicon Valley, I know what it takes to build engaging and educational programs for a variety of learners. Throughout my experience, I’ve consistently written and designed a number of information-rich resources such as workbooks, websites, articles, presentation decks, and more all aimed at educating emerging leaders, new hires, and new managers. Reach out to discuss creating leadership development content or curriculum for your team.

coaching for emerging professionals

Coaching for Emerging Leaders

While many organizations focus solely on executive coaching for their most seasoned leaders, there’s a whole fleet of emerging leaders ready to move your organization forward. They’re driven, full of potential…and often overlooked. I provide both group and 1:1 coaching to help your emerging leaders find their footing and hone their authentic leadership style.

Whether you have a group of high potentials or new managers on your hands, together we can customize a coaching program for your emerging leaders to meet your needs. I’ve conducted 6-week group coaching programs with a consistent cohort as well as 6-month 1:1 coaching with several employees within an organization. Contact me to discuss developing a coaching program that works for your team.

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Customized Leadership Development Programs

Looking to help your emerging leaders level up and maximize their potential? I offer a comprehensive leadership development program for emerging leaders that can be delivered in multiple formats to fit your organization's needs, from 1-2 hour leadership labs to a 3-day series, or 6-week cohort program.

With over a decade in the field of career and leadership development, I’ve facilitated d a variety of experiential learning and leadership development opportunities – everything from webinars to workshop series, retreats and more. I’d love to design and deliver a program that meets your team’s needs. 

Organizations I’ve Worked With:

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Katherine brings a perfect blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and subject matter expertise to each workshop she leads.
— Will, Embedded Software Expert

Happy Clients


“How do you manage, over the course of three days, to take a group of 25 strangers and turn them into a team? How do you find the balance between sticking to an agenda and allowing room for the personalities of said group to breathe it's own life into the process? I can honestly say that my cultural onboarding experience with Katherine was the best I've had in my professional life. Whether we were discussing company initiatives or being personally vulnerable in break-out sessions, Katherine was instrumental in creating an atmosphere that felt safe and allowed participants to share and grow. I loved working with Katherine and am thankful for the onboarding experience she brought to life.”

— josh, sales director


“The first thing you will notice about Katherine is her welcoming authenticity. Then, within only minutes, you are drawn to her engaging stories, her relatable style and ability to connect a room full of people to both the material and each other. She's also exceptional at training beginners on how to become skilled facilitators - a program in which I had the pleasure to take part in! If Katherine is leading a personal coaching session, facilitating a large group or training the trainer, you can bet you will walk away with way more than you expected.”

— Rae, talent manager


“Katherine brings a perfect blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and subject matter expertise to each workshop she leads. Having had the honor of being in both in-person and virtual workshops that she's led, I always walked away feeling that she brought out each of the participants’ strengths (even if they didn't know that she did) and that we more than accomplished the objective of the workshop.”

— will, embedded software expert


“I participated in a week-long new hire training facilitated by Katherine and it was by far the most impactful session I have been a part of. She is incredibly talented and personable, thoughtfully creating a space where all members, regardless of background, are able to share and feel heard. I discovered new areas I need to improve on, as well as learned valuable lessons from other coworkers in the room, due to her facilitation style. Months later, I can still see the impact of her session affecting my life today, with the lessons continuously resonating with me. Her relaxed demeanor, motivational attitude, patience, and deep understanding of the subject matter is the perfect combination for a successful facilitator.”

— Caitlin, Sales Enablement Intern


“I first worked with Katherine at Stanford, where she built and ran a 6-week program to help students unlock their personalized, ideal career path within the healthcare industry. Katherine leveraged her L&D expertise and ran an effective and organized program with a net promoter score of 80. Katherine has an impressive arsenal of personal assessment and career growth tools. She is a certified coach and she has a knack for listening and giving people tools that are tailored to their situation. I often point colleagues in her direction because I’ve witnessed her providing so many folks with clarity and I have personally benefitted from her thoughtful questions, exercises and processes.” 

— Heather, Healthcare Advisor


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